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Leverage Your Existing Skills to Learn Tech

The thought of mastering technology can appear intimidating, particularly for those with minimal or no experience in the area. However, it is important to understand that a thriving career as a technology specialist or an adept user is not purely based on your technical prowess. Many companies look for individuals who have a wide variety of transferable skills that can bring distinctive value to their operations.

Transferable skills are those abilities you've developed throughout your life and across different environments—be it in school, at previous jobs, or during personal experiences—that can be applied to new roles and industries. 
When pursuing a career in technology, it is important to be aware that organizations in this sector and beyond highly value a range of transferable skills.

These include the ability to solve problems, communicate effectively, think creatively and critically, and adapt to changing circumstances. Analytical abilities, teamwork and collaboration, time management, project management, customer service, leadership, research capabilities, organizational skills, troubleshooting, and presentation skills are also among the sought-after competencies.

If you're uncertain about which transferable skills you have that could help kickstart or advance your career in technology, let's help! Take our complimentary skills assessment and connect with us for a conversation.

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     Learn tech, lead tomorrow™

This is not merely a catch-phrase. It symbolizes the essence of career development and training in the modern world.In today's fast-paced and technology-driven environment,staying relevant and competitive requires a deep understanding of emerging technologies and their applications. 

To "learn technology" means equipping oneself with the necessary technical skills and knowledge to adapt to ever-changing advancements. This involves staying updated on the latest developments in fields such as artificial intelligence, data science, blockchain, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and other disruptive technologies that are shaping industries.

The ultimate goal of this learning endeavor is to "lead tomorrow." As a leader in a tech-driven world, individuals who embrace this principle will be empowered to drive innovation, spearhead transformative initiatives, and make strategic decisions that leverage the power of technology.

Whether in business, science, engineering, or any other domain, those who master technology will have the ability to shape the future and create a positive impact on society.

Career development and training in the context of learning technology to lead tomorrow focuses on cultivating a growth mindset, encouraging continuous learning, and providing opportunities for skill development. Organizations and individuals should invest in upskilling and reskilling efforts, leveraging training programs, workshops, online courses, and certifications to ensure a tech-savvy workforce.

We are proud to be recognized by the IIBA!

This means that students can use the hours from our approved courses and webinars, as well as other events hosted, to count towards professional development credits required for IIBA certification

IIBA endorses education and training delivered by EEPs like LaCroix Institute of Technology  to support the ongoing development of business analysis professionals from entry level to seniority. Explore our IIBA-endorsed programs today – and take your professional growth to a higher level!

‌We are also accredited as a Training Organization a Training Organization by the "Commission des partenaires du marché du travail" (CPMT) for the purposes of the application of the law to promote the development and recognition of workforce skills. The CPMT is a public organization under the ministry of employment.

Under the Quebec law on workforce skills development and recognition, eligible employers can receive subsidies to cover some of the costs of employee training programs.By partnering with LaCroix Institute of Technology for their training needs, organizations can access these government subsidies and tax credits, making our training programs more accessible and affordable for their employees. 



Our training programs are designed to make you "career ready" and "future proofed." 

Being career ready means gaining both technical expertise and essential soft skills for success in the technology industry. You'll be proficient in relevant technologies, best practices, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication. 

Being future proofed emphasizes continuous learning and adaptability to stay relevant in the ever-changing tech landscape. We empower you with a mix of skills, knowledge, and adaptability to excel in your technology career and embrace future opportunities.

This holistic approach ensures that when you step into the job market, you are confident, competent, and ready to make a positive impact.

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Master the Technology Skills You Need!

Becoming a Technology Specialist

The technology industry offers a vast array of exciting and rewarding career opportunities. Becoming a technology specialist requires a combination of essential soft and hard skills specific to each field.

Whether it's artificial intelligence and machine learning, cybersecurity, software implementation (ERP or CRM, or data science, continuous learning and practical experience are key to success in the ever-evolving tech job market. 

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Essential Soft and Hard Skills for Any Job

Transferable skills are abilities and competencies that you can apply across various roles, industries, and contexts1. They include both soft skills, such as communication and leadership, and hard skills like proficiency in specific technologies.

These skills are not just beneficial; they're critical, especially in today's diverse and digital work environment where change is the only constant.

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What Our Learners Say About Their Learning Experience

Empowering Your Career Development Through Financial Support

Affordability is crucial for career development and education choices, as it significantly impacts an individual's trajectory. Despite the high costs of higher education, we believe financial constraints should not hinder career aspirations.

Our mission is to provide affordable career development opportunities, ensuring access to training and education for all. We offer various financial aid options and payment programs, making our training accessible. Let's work together to turn your career dreams into reality, without letting finances be a hindrance.

Financial Assistance

LaCroix Institute of Technology is committed to fostering the career success of skilled immigrants and refugees. In partnership with our collaborators, we extend affordable loans of up to $15,000, providing essential financial support to individuals seeking to achieve their professional aspirations.

We understand that success goes beyond monetary aid, which is why this financial assistance program includes client success coaching,a career mentorship program,financial planning and budgeting tools, and an array of career development resources. 

Our career development loans are flexible and can be utilized to cover various expenses, including:

  • Qualifying certification exams, 
  • Training courses, 
  • Assessments, 
  • Books and materials, 
  • Living allowances, 
  • Relocation costs, and 
  • Professional association fees. 

With our holistic approach to supporting learners, we strive to empower and equip individuals with the necessary tools and opportunities to thrive in their chosen career paths.

Payment Plans

To ensure affordability, we offer flexible payment options that allow students to spread out their payments over the duration of the program. Our convenient payment plans are designed to ease the financial burden, enabling students to focus on their studies without worrying about large upfront costs. 

By breaking down the training fees into manageable installments, we aim to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue their career goals and invest in their future.

We believe that education should not be limited by financial constraints, and our commitment to offering payment plans reflects our dedication to creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

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